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Archive for May, 2014

Maximize your eCommerce opportunities

eCommerce is such a force to be reckoned with that now there is a name for people who look for products online and then head to the store to see them in-person and make the purchase. This is the opposite of “showrooming,” which is what we call it when people look for the product in-store […]

Is a tablet POS right for you?

Tablet POS is huge right now. Everyone loves the idea of the tablet—commonly thought of as a less expensive alternative to a POS system. These thin, sleek tablets take up less space and certainly cost less to implement. But how do you know if a tablet-based system is right for you? First, if space is […]

Can mobile payments actually save you money? The answer is yes!

At pcAmerica, we believe that mobile payments are important. Our staff spends hours every week teaching our customers about what they are and why these types of payments are important, especially for consumers, who appreciate how fast and easy their transactions can be completed. The question we get asked most of all is “What’s in […]

If your ears are ringing, it’s because someone is talking about you

In a recent “Socially Speaking” article in RSPA connect magazine, pcAmerica CEO David Gosman talks about reviews and why they matter to your business. In the column, he writes that more than “75 percent of people use online reviews to help pick a local business to patronize.” More than half of these people trust what […]