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Archive for May, 2013

bPay Mobile Payments Draws New Customers, Higher Profits

Moxie Boutique is a contemporary clothing store located on the University of Delaware campus in Newark, Delaware. The boutique’s owner, Cari Rogers, was looking for a new, innovative way to attract shoppers to the store. She was drawn to pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express point-of-sale system because it offered enhanced marketing and payment capabilities through a […]

There’s No Such Thing as a Free POS

Free point of sale systems seem like attractive option for business owners who are considering purchasing a system for their business. And why not? It’s free! The only problem is….it’s not actually free. In fact, a “free” POS system may actually cost more money than a POS setup from a more established vendor. If you […]

POS Systems: It’s not just about you

Point of sale systems make every business’ day-to-day activities run more smoothly, so maintaining these systems and keeping them secure important. It’s not just your business that relies on your system, your customers’ personal information is sent across POS networks every time they complete a transaction at the terminal. The same is true for every […]

Discounts and Coupons: Are they good for business or hurting your brand?

It seems counterintuitive to think that frequent discounts and coupons that bring customers in the door could actually be hurting your brand or store. Some elite brands never offer discounts or have sales but for most of us, sales are a great way to boost profits. In fact, discounts are an effective way to attract […]

Upgrade your POS for more efficiency, Newest Features

Upgrading your point of sale system can save you time and money.  Are you still having employees punch in and out? Processing payroll manually? Running a slower version of point of sale software because the upgrade is expensive? The reality is, not investing in keeping your point of sale system current can actually cost you […]

Bematech and pcAmerica Opens New Doors for Mr. Miceli Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant

Mr. Miceli Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant is a family owned pizzeria that has served up pizza, salads and pasta to customers in Rockville Centre, New York for the last 35 years. Although the pizzeria offers delivery, take out and quick casual service, it saw its customer base dwindling.  In addition to not having a solid […]