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Archive for February, 2013

It’s 2013: Waste Some Time!

In the January/February issue of RSPA’s connect Magazine, pcAmerica CEO David Gosman is asking businesses to focus more time on social networking. Several businesses have utilized social networking to better connect with customers and ultimately drive sales. Gosman detailed a few low-cost, straight-forward tactics to help your business with social networking. Gosman’s tactics include, “set […]

Canada Ends Circulation of the Penny … Is your Business Prepared?

On February 4th, the Canadian Mint stopped circulating the penny to financial institutions, marking the beginning of the end of the penny in Canada. Retailers have also been encouraged to send back any pennies that they currently have on hand.

Maintain high-level customer service online

Despite our new found self-reliance, many shoppers still consider “customer service” on a face-to-face level, interacting with store employees when making purchasing decisions. Some may feel that eCommerce and online web stores are less personal and the service element is lacking.

Gosman Discusses Show-rooming, QR Codes and Social Networking in connect Magazine

Since people love “getting a deal,” and many people share those deals on Facebook and other social networking sites, consumers can scan the QR code and instantly share it on their Facebook wall.

pcAmerica CEO David Gosman Featured in RSPA’s connect Magazine

In the November 2012 issue of RSPA’s connect Magazine, pcAmerica CEO David Gosman spoke on the topic of “showrooming” and how it can help and hurt retailers.