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Archive for May, 2012

Taking the plunge: how to incorporate digital signage into your business

Digital signage is easy to control and can be modified quickly, allowing it to be incorporated into virtually any environment. Restaurants may display their menus digitally, list nutritional information or convey information about the brand, loyalty programs, in-store promotions or upsell menu items.

Is your business mobile?

At the start of 2012, point of sale industry executives predicted that companies would be investing heavily in mobile POS technology and business owners would look to convert or replace their current POS with a mobile solution.

Keep your technology current to attract business, drive profits

pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express™ and Cash Register Express™ now accept payment through Google Wallet, a mobile payment system available as an Android™ application. Google Wallet, an application that stores credit cards, loyalty information and gift cards, became available in September 2011.

Digital signage pays its own way

If you haven’t started using digital signage yet, you’re behind the curve. Businesses that have incorporated this electronic medium are already harnessing its power and using it to increase sales, boost traffic and display digital endorsements of the store or restaurant.

Why Aren’t You Using Digital Signage?

Digital signage is one such medium. This interactive gateway allows a business to communicate directly with a consumer, engaging them at a critical decision making point—while they are in the store or restaurant.