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Archive for April, 2012

Marketing Budgets Expand to Draw New Patrons

More than ever, social sites like Pinterest and Facebook are influencing how people make choices. This has led to an increasing number of businesses jumping onto the digital bandwagon, allocating a larger portion of marketing and promotional budgets to their online presence.

Savvy Restaurants Tap into Online Ordering

Now included in Restaurant Pro Express™, the online ordering functionality allows diners to enter their orders online through the restaurant’s website, designate whether it’s pickup or dine-in, pay with a credit card before the order is prepared and send the orders automatically to the kitchen. The online ordering capability is restricted based on a restaurant’s operating hours.

Menu Madness

The POS system also allows for shortcuts to reduce the amount of time the server spends at the terminal. For example, the “reorder round” functionality saves time by allowing servers and bartenders to reorder several drinks without having to manually reenter them.

Businesses Beware: The Perils of Social Coupons

Everyone loves a deal, especially one at a deep discount. Social coupon sites like Groupon, Living Social and Restaurant.com have exploded onto the online scene with steep discounts—between 50% and 80% off—on retailers and restaurants in user-specified regions, as well as national deals available online.

Restaurant Pro Express and Cash Register Express Integrates Google Wallet Functionality

pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express™ and Cash Register Express™ now accept payment through Google Wallet, a mobile payment system available as an Android application.

Mobile POS Rises in Popularity

Taking orders on a mobile POS system can save a restaurant time and money by reducing the number of forgotten orders and kitchen backups, errors and resources spent remaking food or drinks that were improperly inputted into the primary workstation.

pcAmerica Point-of-Sale Goes Paperless

Offering digital receipts also gives businesses the opportunity to collect email addresses of their customer base, which can also be used to email coupons, promotional information and other announcements.