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Archive for February, 2012

Take the Guesswork out of Giving and Receiving Gifts

Shopping for a gift for the person who has everything is easy for businesses using Cash Register Express™, which offers retailers the ability to sell and redeem gift cards, issue gift receipts and create and update registries.

Order in—and Outside–the Restaurant (Part 3 of a Series)

Speaking of the kitchen, operators see equally significant advantages when restaurant POS systems tout enhanced order display capabilities. Printing orders transmitted from the point of sale to a kitchen printer, or displaying them on a kitchen video monitor, reduces theft and loss due to incorrect orders.

Modification Made Easy (Part Two of a Series)

Modifying restaurant orders and transactions isn’t always easy, but it can be—providing that operators leverage the enhanced capabilities of sophisticated, but-easy-to use point of sale solutions such as pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express™.

You’ve Been Served (Part One of a Series)

Just as retailers now require highly functional point of sale software rather than solutions that do little more than allow them to process transactions, so, too, do restaurants. Only a point of sale system with a variety of useful features will enable operators to reach their true profitability potential.

Something Special (Part 3 of a Series)

As important and advantageous as capabilities like “bulk pricing,” “transaction suspend” and other sophisticated features mentioned in the first two parts may be, today’s retailers also need point-of-sale systems that can handle the different requirements of the vertical market in which they play.

The Price—and the Transaction–Are Right (Part 2 of a Series)

The roster of today’s “must-have” point-of-sale system necessities—such as those available from pcAmerica—also includes those whose benefits center on easier, faster handling of more complicated transactions that involve special pricing; complicated steps and/or multiple calculations are replaced with a single automated process.

Rich in Features

Some of these essential features tie into basic transaction processing tasks. Take, for example, a multi-functional login screen that not only allows employees to clock in at the store for the day and securely log on to the point-of-sale system, but can also be used to access back-office functions, like reporting.