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Archive for June, 2011

More Ways to Work the System (Part Four of a Series)

The first of these features is the option to integrate a security camera and DVR system to record in-store activity. Why is this important? Employee theft—caused by a combination of theft of cash and inventory along with the granting of unwarranted discounts by employees (a practice known as “sweethearting”) is one of the leading causes of retail shrink.

Working The System (Part Three of a Series)

In the last two installments of this blog, we discussed why retailers should seriously contemplate implementing an integrated fuel pump and point of sale system and which basic capabilities they should look for. Other features are equally desirable, because they allow end-users to “work the system” even further. Consider, for example, an integrated digital signage […]

Pumping It Up (Part Two of a Series)

Faster, more efficient processing ranks at the top of the list of benefits to be reaped from deploying an integrated fuel pump and point of sale system. However, it is far from the only benefit—providing that the solution you select has a top-notch reporting component.

Pumping Up Sales At Gas Stations (Part One of a Series)

For many independent gas stations, gas station chains, convenience stores and grocery stores, selling both gasoline and merchandise has become a competitive weapon as well as a way to bolster productivity. But while it is not difficult to persuade consumers to fill up the gas tank while simultaneously making a food purchase (or vice versa), managing these different facets of the business can be challenging on many levels.

pcAmerica Pushes The PCI Compliance Envelope

The most comprehensive end-to-end security solution available today, the IPAD ® SC helps merchants and restaurateurs prevent personal cardholder data breaches, without compromising the speed and convenience of customer transactions. Here’s how: