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Archive for April, 2011

pcAmerica CEO to Speak at Epson Partner Conference

April 29, 2011- David Gosman, Chief Executive Officer for pcAmerica, has been invited to speak at the upcoming Epson Envision Partner Executive Conference at the Waldorf Astoria Resort in Fajardo, Puerto Rico from May 2-5, 2011. This event provides channel partners with a platform to engage with industry experts, discuss business strategy and learn about emerging technologies.

Winning the Blogging Game (Part One in a Series)

A few months back, we explained why it’s important for retailers and restaurant operators to blog just as we at pcAmerica do. We hope you took our advice! Now it’s time to look at a few ways to prevent your blog from becoming stale and, as a result, losing some of its following. Here are three strategies to start with; see our next installment for more ideas.

Reeling Them In (Part Two In A Series)

In the last installment of this blog, we at pcAmerica offered three strategies for keeping customers coming back. Here are three more.

Catch Them If You Can (Part One In A Series)

With consumers continuing to watch their budgets and those who are spending more freely again, becoming increasingly selective about where they put their money down, retailers and restaurant operators must double their efforts to keep customers coming back. Here are a few strategies for moving in that direction:

Fast Lane To QR Code Success (Part Two In A Series)

As a retailer or restaurateur, you can be just as innovative, even at the point of sale. Retailers might take a page from the book of Best Buy, which last year began putting QR codes on shelf signs to give shoppers more information about the products displayed at the moment of decision.

Cracking The (QR) Code (Part One In A Series)

“QR” is short for “quick response”, and QR codes are, in basic terms, two-dimensional bar codes that closely resemble the ones to which we’ve all become accustomed. However, QR codes pack so much more power than their simpler bar code “cousins”.