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Archive for October, 2010

Weighing Your Options

Some point of sale software, such as Version 12.5 of Cash Register Express from pcAmerica, integrates with certain vendors’ scale software to the extent that price updates can be sent to scales automatically rather than programmed in separately.

Leaving Nothing to Chance

It’s the law: Neither retailers nor restaurateurs can sell or serve age-restricted items, including tobacco, liquor and gambling products, without first verifying the customers’ age. Those that disobey the law, intentionally or otherwise, face stiff fines if caught—and even put themselves at risk of seeing their businesses shut down.

Big Brother Is Watching

Integration of point of sale systems with video surveillance of any kind benefits retailers and restaurateurs by enabling them to put a “face” to suspicious activity–for example, pairing images of a clerk placing only a portion of the cash from a particular transaction in the till and pocketing the rest with data on the transaction that supposedly occurred.

3DES, PED and PCI-DSS: Spelling It All Out

Under the newest regulations set forth in the PCI-DSS, retailers and restaurateurs must adhere to what is known as the PCI Pin Entry Device (PED) standard. To toe the mark, they can only use PIN pads that meet the Triple Data Encryption Standard (TDES) and, as such, incorporate TDES (aka 3DES) encryption keys.

The POS Is Always Greener

Such offerings as Version 12.5 of Cash Register Express retail point of sale software and Restaurant Pro Express point of sale software, new from pcAmerica, enable retailers and restaurateurs to e-mail receipts to their customers–an entirely welcome ‘green‘ alternative to paper-based documents.

A Perfect Marriage

Unless you don’t get out much, you’ve more than likely encountered promotional and advertising messages conveyed right at the point of sale. The linchpin: digital signage, displayed alongside current transaction information on such peripheral devices as LCD pole displays, full-size LCD displays and pin pads. An integrated digital signage feature–for instance, the one that’s been […]

Beyond POS 101 For Restaurateurs (Part 2 in a Series)

Consider, for instance, a “combo meal” feature. Such a feature guides cashiers through the steps entailed in taking orders for “combination” meals, saving time and increasing order accuracy. Individual items that are ordered separately may be “packaged” together so customers can receive an automatically calculated discount, without adding any time to the process or introducing any margin for error.

Beyond POS 101 For Retailers (Part 1 in a Series)

Yet another new, highly desirable point of sale system capability paves the way for easy, effective, simultaneous price-changing on multiple goods. Even better, mass updating of prices can be set to take effect at a certain date and time; lists of items, departments or goods with specific properties can be selected for price change action.