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Archive for February, 2010

Selecting the Right POS Software

The world of point of sale software providers can be tricky to navigate. In selecting the appropriate software solution, there are some important points to consider. 1. Is the software scalable? If you are part of a growing company, you need to make sure your point of sale software can keep up. Although a certain […]

Service at pcAmerica

Before deciding on a point of sale system provider, business owners should make sure they are familiar with the service policies offered. There are several key questions to ask; 1. Will they be there when you need them? – Many providers can be difficult to get a hold of if business hours don’t match up […]

The pcAmerica One-Stop Advantage

When selecting sources for point of sale equipment and software, it is important to consider the compatibility of each component selected. There is a danger in trying to put together a do-it-yourself POS system, that the pieces may never fit together quite right. In addition, seeking out support can turn into endless finger pointing sessions. […]

Did You Know Restaurant Pro Express Can Transfer Tables?

The Restaurant Pro Express Table Transfer function can quickly seat a party at another table with ease from any POS system. Simply touch the Transfer Table button and select a new table that is available for customers. Servers can also transfer guests to at any occupied table to another server. This feature allows managers to […]

Did You Know Restaurant Pro Express Offers the Ability to Split the Check?

Restaurant Pro Express enables servers to divide checks several ways from any point of sale system in a split-second. With the use of our touchscreen based POS systems, servers can split a check evenly for each guest or by a guest’s order. This handy feature also enables servers to use the POS system to touch […]

Pocket Inventory — Handheld Inventory Solutions

Retailers depend on timely and accurate inventory control, and with integrated Pocket Inventory software on Honeywell’s Dolphin 7600 mobile computer, stock can be counted or received away from the POS system. Simply scan the item, enter the quantity, and the data synchronizes with your POS system. Pocket Inventory’s count feature eliminates the manual process of […]

Did You Know Restaurant Pro Express Does Suggested Course Ordering?

Suggested Course Ordering, a new feature on the Restaurant Pro Express POS system, can prompt servers for drinks and appetizers when they begin an order. Servers often forget to ring up drinks they prepare themselves, and this item on the point of sales system helps make sure the restaurant won’t lose that income. It also […]

Did You Know Restaurant Pro Express POS software Does Bar Tabs?

Whether your establishment is fast-paced and full-service or a relaxed, quiet place to meet for drinks, a point of sale system can manage your customers’ bar tabs accurately and efficiently. With Restaurant Pro Express POS system from pcAmerica, a bartender can open a tab by simply swiping the customer’s credit card. The POS system then […]