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Archive for August, 2009

Retail POS System With DVR Security System

Owners of retail stores and restaurants typically focus on generating more profits by increasing the number of dollars coming in the door — which is definitely a valid tactic that should be the goal for any business.  Often, however, not enough attention is paid to the profitability of the dollars already coming in. Several of […]

Coffee Shop Point Of Sale (POS) System

Coffee shops are one business type that face above average challenges in an ailing economy.  The “$ 4 latte” is a purchase that several consumers consider removing from their budget.  Most people are spending less money, and are basing their purchases more on value than price.   Below are three quick and easy ideas you […]

Cash Register Express POS – A Great Fit for Delis and Grocery Stores

As you know, the mark of a good point of sale system is speed and efficiency.  No one knows this more than the owner or manager of a deli or grocery store.  Lines can get rather long in such businesses so speed is certainly an issue.  With Cash Register Express’ scale interface, a checkout clerk no […]