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Keep your technology current to attract business, drive profits

pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express™ and Cash Register Express™ now accept payment through Google Wallet, a mobile payment system available as an Android™ application. Google Wallet, an application that stores credit cards, loyalty information and gift cards, became available in September 2011.

Reporting Made Easy

Keeping track of paper trails, receipts and sales figures can be a major headache, especially for a multi-station store or chain. Cash Register Express™ takes the stress out of end-of-shift reports and creates more comprehensive figures for a business.

Loyalty Programs: You Can Always Get What You Want

Loyalty to restaurants and retail stores is a two way street, but it can be a lucrative one for retailers that choose to cultivate relationships with their customers who tend to stick with particular brands. To keep customers wanting more, Cash Register Express™ and Restaurant Pro Express™ offer a built-in loyalty program option that supports a variety of currencies, including points, birthday rewards and frequent visitor discounts.

Rich in Features

Some of these essential features tie into basic transaction processing tasks. Take, for example, a multi-functional login screen that not only allows employees to clock in at the store for the day and securely log on to the point-of-sale system, but can also be used to access back-office functions, like reporting.

Efficiency In The Pocket

Like all merchants, liquor store retailers need to have up-to-date inventory information on hand to ensure accurate stock levels and prevent merchandise shrink.

Ditching the Cash Register

There are several airtight reasons for such a move. At the top of the list is the fact that a point of sale system addresses liquor store owners’ key concerns: rapid customer throughput, inventory control, and preventing the sale of age-sensitive products to minors. It also offers up a host of other benefits that come from achieving these goals.

Pumping It Up (Part Two of a Series)

Faster, more efficient processing ranks at the top of the list of benefits to be reaped from deploying an integrated fuel pump and point of sale system. However, it is far from the only benefit—providing that the solution you select has a top-notch reporting component.

Pumping Up Sales At Gas Stations (Part One of a Series)

For many independent gas stations, gas station chains, convenience stores and grocery stores, selling both gasoline and merchandise has become a competitive weapon as well as a way to bolster productivity. But while it is not difficult to persuade consumers to fill up the gas tank while simultaneously making a food purchase (or vice versa), managing these different facets of the business can be challenging on many levels.

Taking The Grand Blogging Prize

pcAmerica has the technology that can get you started with social marketing, using solutions from behind the counter.

Bending The Rules

Additionally, under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, passed by Congress in 2010, retailers and restaurant owners can set minimum price levels for the use of credit cards in their establishments. The minimum must be under $10. Why bother? The transaction fees operators pay to process really small purchases—say, below $5—essentially cancel out the profit from the sale.