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Use your POS system to maintain compliance

During the holiday shopping season, Target suffered one of the largest security breaches in history, seeing the theft of 40 million accounts and 70 million customer records containing personal information. In the month following, Target’s customer traffic hit the lowest point in three years, according to a March story in USA Today. The company’s sales […]

2014: Year of the Mobile Payment

In February, the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) added Paydiant, a software-only, cloud-based solution that gives restaurants and retail stores the ability to accept mobile payments and offers using their existing POS infrastructure, to its custom-developed mobile commerce infrastructure. Paydiant’s technology will allow MCX member merchants to leverage existing smartphones, point-of-sale (POS) and payment terminals. MCX […]

pcAmerica forms partnership with LevelUp to bring Mobile Payments to More Locations

pcAmerica recently announced a new integration with the LevelUp mobile payment and loyalty solution in its Restaurant Pro Express™ and Cash Register Express™ POS software. “pcAmerica is all about giving our merchants the option to accept any payment type or loyalty program they need to build their businesses,” said David Gosman, CEO, pcAmerica. “Many of […]

There’s No Such Thing as a Free POS

Free point of sale systems seem like attractive option for business owners who are considering purchasing a system for their business. And why not? It’s free! The only problem is….it’s not actually free. In fact, a “free” POS system may actually cost more money than a POS setup from a more established vendor. If you […]

POS Systems: It’s not just about you

Point of sale systems make every business’ day-to-day activities run more smoothly, so maintaining these systems and keeping them secure important. It’s not just your business that relies on your system, your customers’ personal information is sent across POS networks every time they complete a transaction at the terminal. The same is true for every […]

The eCommerce explosion is coming, are you ready?

A recent Morgan Stanley study estimates that by 2016, eCommerce transactions will exceed $1 trillion worldwide. eMarketer.com notes that the number of online shoppers in the US alone will climb to 175 million in the same year. There’s billions to be made, so it’s important to review your online store, make sure it’s up-to-date and […]

Take Stock: Inventory choices can make or break you

Inventory is one of the largest, ongoing investments a business owner will make, so it’s imperative that the proper steps are taken to manage this important asset. Accurate reporting also helps owners keep hot items in stock and avoid being overrun by products that don’t sell.

Thinking of going mobile? Your hardware does more than look pretty.

Merchants looking to switch to a mobile POS have several factors to think about, one of the most important ones being the hardware they are going to purchase for their new solution. And while it’s exciting to be hip and have barely-there technology, is it the most practical?

Why Aren’t You Using Digital Signage?

Digital signage is one such medium. This interactive gateway allows a business to communicate directly with a consumer, engaging them at a critical decision making point—while they are in the store or restaurant.

pcAmerica Point-of-Sale Goes Paperless

Offering digital receipts also gives businesses the opportunity to collect email addresses of their customer base, which can also be used to email coupons, promotional information and other announcements.