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Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Customer Loyalty Programs

Have you ever heard the saying, “If it’s free, it’s for me?” We love free stuff—free samples, free products, free anything! A business that offers their patrons free stuff in exchange for their business—for example—buy 10 coffees, get one free makes them feel that their purchases are appreciated. Creating a loyalty program will encourage people […]

Why You Need a Cafeteria POS System

Cafeterias are more than we remember from school—it’s not just hairnets and lunch ladies anymore! Most cafeterias are busy, noisy and fast-paced, but they’re also important meeting places in office buildings and bustling with activity in schools and universities. There are even chic cafeteria-style restaurants! Regardless of what type of cafeteria you own or patronize, […]

The Benefits of Cloud-Connected POS Reporting

Cloud-connected POS is a smart choice for on-the-go business owners who want a more reliable POS system than one that is purely “cloud based.” A cloud-connected POS system, like pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express and Cash Register Express offers you all of the benefits of a cloud-based system—real time reporting anytime, from anywhere—with a few differences. […]

How Operating a Cash-Only Restaurant is Costing You Sales

Cash-only restaurants seem like the perfect plan. Don’t want to accept plastic? We don’t blame you! Cash-only businesses don’t pay card processing fees (which could cost two percent of sales, depending on the processor); they receive payments immediately and face limited risk of card fraud or data breaches. But hang on a second—in theory, cash-only […]

How to find the Best Retail POS System to Suit Your Needs

If you’re looking to purchase your first retail POS system or upgrade your technology, congratulations! There are a lot of things to consider before you start shopping. First, be honest about your needs. If you operate a small boutique or single-store location, you probably don’t need the largest, fanciest POS setup. Think carefully about the […]

Meet Punkey: the Newest Threat to POS Security

Although it’s name—Punkey—conjures up images of cuddly pet rabbits, this new threat to POS security is anything but cute. Punkey has been called “a new malicious program” by PC World because it casts a very wide net. This RAM scraping program is capable of infiltrating both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows-based POS terminals. Not only is […]

pcAmerica’s CRE Commended by Business Solutions Magazine’s Tablet POS Ratings

Business Solutions Magazine recently conducted a survey of several tablet POS packages, including pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express. The software was lauded for its support of multiple mobile wallets, including Paydiant, LevelUp, Google Wallet and ISIS. The tablet version was also commended for its built-in loyalty functions and the ability to integrate with third-party platforms. pcAmerica’s […]

pcAmerica acquires MobiMagic

pcAmerica has acquired San Diego-based MobiMagic, a software platform that extends POS capabilities onto mobile devices, enabling line busting in quick service restaurants, as well as tableside ordering and payment in table service environments. “pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express™ Mobile is powered by MobiMagic, so it was a natural progression to acquire the company and add […]

pcAmerica and Granbury Solutions team up to bring LetsGet mobile ordering to customers

pcAmerica has partnered with Granbury Solutions to give users running Restaurant Pro Express the ability to accept web and mobile orders via Granbury’s LetsGet online ordering and mobile app technology. The partnership enables pcAmerica customers to expand their ordering capabilities to include customized online ordering sites and branded mobile apps. Restaurants can use the new […]

How can your business avoid a data breach?

Since the Target data breach, we’ve been reading about the other companies who have been victims of breaches, too. Although it’s mainly larger companies making the news, don’t think medium and small businesses are immune. Any business can suffer from a breach and this is not anything you want to make headlines about. And with […]