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What Retail POS Software to Consider for Your Business

When looking for the right retail POS software for your business, consider how the software can help increase sales, decrease order costs, optimize labor usage and staff scheduling, and improve customer service.

Learn How Retail POS Can Help Your Business

Thinking of replacing your electronic cash register with a retail POS system? If so, you’re making a move that will definitely benefit your business. If this idea hasn’t crossed your mind lately, there’s no better time than now to consider going the retail POS route. With this technology, you can expect:     Enhanced checkout […]

Why You Need a Cafeteria POS System

Cafeterias are more than we remember from school—it’s not just hairnets and lunch ladies anymore! Most cafeterias are busy, noisy and fast-paced, but they’re also important meeting places in office buildings and bustling with activity in schools and universities. There are even chic cafeteria-style restaurants! Regardless of what type of cafeteria you own or patronize, […]

More than Just Tech: Choosing the Right POS Service Provider

At pcAmerica we talk to people about their POS needs all day long. So when we’re pitching a new client, we often invite them to do several things to make sure we’re a good fit and vice versa. Choosing the right POS service provider can be the key to an easy experience with your new […]

How Operating a Cash-Only Restaurant is Costing You Sales

Cash-only restaurants seem like the perfect plan. Don’t want to accept plastic? We don’t blame you! Cash-only businesses don’t pay card processing fees (which could cost two percent of sales, depending on the processor); they receive payments immediately and face limited risk of card fraud or data breaches. But hang on a second—in theory, cash-only […]

Tablet POS Buyer’s Guide

Tablet point-of-sale solutions are cost-effective, space-saving solutions for any business. Right now, we are seeing tablet POS stations used as both a primary POS solution and as complimentary technology to a traditional, full-sized POS setup. Tablets take up less space and cost less to implement, but underneath its glossy and attractive exterior, a tablet POS […]

Bar Codes Move Lines Quickly, Track Inventory Accurately

Bar codes are an easy way to automate a business, track assets, sort documents and manage inventory. Consumers are familiar with bar codes on items they purchase, but what appears to be a random series of lines and spaces is actually a goldmine of information for a store. People make mistakes all the time–the average […]

pcAmerica acquires MobiMagic

pcAmerica has acquired San Diego-based MobiMagic, a software platform that extends POS capabilities onto mobile devices, enabling line busting in quick service restaurants, as well as tableside ordering and payment in table service environments. “pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express™ Mobile is powered by MobiMagic, so it was a natural progression to acquire the company and add […]

pcAmerica and Granbury Solutions team up to bring LetsGet mobile ordering to customers

pcAmerica has partnered with Granbury Solutions to give users running Restaurant Pro Express the ability to accept web and mobile orders via Granbury’s LetsGet online ordering and mobile app technology. The partnership enables pcAmerica customers to expand their ordering capabilities to include customized online ordering sites and branded mobile apps. Restaurants can use the new […]

Use your POS system to maintain compliance

During the holiday shopping season, Target suffered one of the largest security breaches in history, seeing the theft of 40 million accounts and 70 million customer records containing personal information. In the month following, Target’s customer traffic hit the lowest point in three years, according to a March story in USA Today. The company’s sales […]