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More than Just Tech: Choosing the Right POS Service Provider

At pcAmerica we talk to people about their POS needs all day long. So when we’re pitching a new client, we often invite them to do several things to make sure we’re a good fit and vice versa. Choosing the right POS service provider can be the key to an easy experience with your new […]

Age-Restricted Purchases Done Right,
Every Time

In 2013, the average American drank nearly 28 gallons of beer, according to the Beer Institute. A local paper in Austin, Texas reported that last June, the city’s local bars, restaurants and hotels sold $43.6 million worth of age-restricted beverages. That’s a lot of wine, liquor and beer sold every year—and a lot of risk. […]

Are you ready for your install?

After you’ve selected a new POS system, the work isn’t over. It’s time to prepare for the install, so are you ready? Here are some things to consider: Set realistic goals: Your business will be the only one that suffers if you go live before everyone is prepared. Give yourself and your staff enough time […]

Adopting the Scout Motto

“Be prepared” is, admittedly, the Girl Scout motto. But given such recent occurrences as Hurricane Irene, which caused problems for retailers and restaurant operations up and down the East Coast this past August, merchants should follow it as well with a few simple disaster preparedness strategies.

Making the List

Additionally, think about printing the Web address of your email sign-up form on the bottom of point of sale receipts and invoices. Employees can even be asked to collect e-mail addresses over the phone when customers call your store or restaurant.

More Ways to Work the System (Part Four of a Series)

The first of these features is the option to integrate a security camera and DVR system to record in-store activity. Why is this important? Employee theft—caused by a combination of theft of cash and inventory along with the granting of unwarranted discounts by employees (a practice known as “sweethearting”) is one of the leading causes of retail shrink.

Pumping It Up (Part Two of a Series)

Faster, more efficient processing ranks at the top of the list of benefits to be reaped from deploying an integrated fuel pump and point of sale system. However, it is far from the only benefit—providing that the solution you select has a top-notch reporting component.

Pumping Up Sales At Gas Stations (Part One of a Series)

For many independent gas stations, gas station chains, convenience stores and grocery stores, selling both gasoline and merchandise has become a competitive weapon as well as a way to bolster productivity. But while it is not difficult to persuade consumers to fill up the gas tank while simultaneously making a food purchase (or vice versa), managing these different facets of the business can be challenging on many levels.

pcAmerica Pushes The PCI Compliance Envelope

The most comprehensive end-to-end security solution available today, the IPAD ® SC helps merchants and restaurateurs prevent personal cardholder data breaches, without compromising the speed and convenience of customer transactions. Here’s how:

Taking The Grand Blogging Prize

pcAmerica has the technology that can get you started with social marketing, using solutions from behind the counter.