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How to find the Best Retail POS System to Suit Your Needs

If you’re looking to purchase your first retail POS system or upgrade your technology, congratulations! There are a lot of things to consider before you start shopping. First, be honest about your needs. If you operate a small boutique or single-store location, you probably don’t need the largest, fanciest POS setup. Think carefully about the […]

What Do You Need from a Grocery POS?

Summer is here, which means it’s time to host barbeques and outdoor parties. For many of us, that means our first stop is the grocery store and like most days, we are in a hurry! There is nothing more frustrating for your customers than whipping through their shopping only to find a long line that […]

The Top 7 Features You Should Look for When Selecting a Retail POS System

Forecasters are predicting that the retail industry is poised to generate the strongest growth we’ve seen in four years.  In fact, The National Retail Federation projects that retail industry sales will rise 4.1% up from 3.5% growth in 2014. With retail on the rise, there’s no better time to invest in and upgrade your retail […]

Meet Punkey: the Newest Threat to POS Security

Although it’s name—Punkey—conjures up images of cuddly pet rabbits, this new threat to POS security is anything but cute. Punkey has been called “a new malicious program” by PC World because it casts a very wide net. This RAM scraping program is capable of infiltrating both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows-based POS terminals. Not only is […]

EMV Liability Shift: Don’t Panic, But Start Planning

“Chip-and-PIN” technology or EMV has been in use in Europe for several years.  Here’s how it works: credit and debit cards have a chip embedded in them and once the card is swiped, users have to enter a pin number to complete a transaction. It’s estimated that this technology has cut down incidents of fraud […]

4 Questions to Ask Before Going with Mobile POS

  As more restaurants turn to tablet solutions, we’re seeing an increase in the number of owners and managers who are considering the transition from a stationary POS terminal to a mobile solution. Here are four questions you should ask before taking the plunge into tablet POS. 1.  Should we buy, rent, or use our […]

Four Line Busting Myths Busted!

A mobile solution with line busting capability is a practical, long-term solution that will ensure shorter lines, less waiting, and a more pleasant experience for shoppers, diners and employees. However, some people still have their reservations about mobile POS, so the pcAmerica team wants to address some of these myths head-on to alleviate any concerns […]

Tablet POS Buyer’s Guide

Tablet point-of-sale solutions are cost-effective, space-saving solutions for any business. Right now, we are seeing tablet POS stations used as both a primary POS solution and as complimentary technology to a traditional, full-sized POS setup. Tablets take up less space and cost less to implement, but underneath its glossy and attractive exterior, a tablet POS […]

RIS Media Releases Annual Shopping Study, Some Results May Surprise You

The fifth annual RIS/Cognizant Shopper Experience Study was released in August. This year’s study polled 5,311 shoppers in North America (2,414 respondents), Europe and China. The RIS study highlighted six areas of interest: mobile, social media, personalized marketing, cross channel integration, loyalty and digital shopping. Here are some of the highlights from the study: Mobile […]

Are You Overdue for a POS Update?

If you’ve been holding out on updating your Cash Register Express or Restaurant Pro Express software, now’s the time to do it! Upgrading your point of sale system can save you time and money. The reality is, not investing in keeping your point of sale system current can actually cost you money and time. When […]