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What Retail POS Software to Consider for Your Business

When looking for the right retail POS software for your business, consider how the software can help increase sales, decrease order costs, optimize labor usage and staff scheduling, and improve customer service.

Learn How Retail POS Can Help Your Business

Thinking of replacing your electronic cash register with a retail POS system? If so, you’re making a move that will definitely benefit your business. If this idea hasn’t crossed your mind lately, there’s no better time than now to consider going the retail POS route. With this technology, you can expect:     Enhanced checkout […]

More than Just Tech: Choosing the Right POS Service Provider

At pcAmerica we talk to people about their POS needs all day long. So when we’re pitching a new client, we often invite them to do several things to make sure we’re a good fit and vice versa. Choosing the right POS service provider can be the key to an easy experience with your new […]

How Retail POS can Help You Compete with Big Box Stores

Small to mid-size retailers and chains face stiff competition from online sites and big box stores. It seems like small to mid-size retailers get hit from both sides:  online sites are competitive on price because they don’t have the overhead of a brick-and-mortar retailer but big box stores compete on discounts and in-store experience. You […]

How an All-in-One POS can Save Your Business

Businesses looking for a POS system have several options, including mobile, traditional terminal, tablet and all-in-one. All-in-one (AIO) POS systems can save a business money, time and space. Why should you give an AIO POS system another look? Here’s why: All-in-one systems are cost effective: We’ve discussed the benefits of purchasing your POS components from […]

Why Labor Scheduling is the Secret Ingredient in Restaurant POS

Inventory and payroll are two of the biggest expenditures a restaurant has and it’s easy to see why—without food or employees, you can’t serve your customers. Labor scheduling is a built-in function of many restaurant POS systems, including pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express. Restaurant Pro Express Version 12.5 (or higher) features a labor scheduler that makes it […]

Finish Payroll in One Simple Step

Payroll can be a headache if you’re still doing it yourself. With all the different facets that payroll encompasses—paychecks and direct deposits, deductions, garnishments and local, state and federal tax filings, there’s a lot of room for error. Your time is valuable and every second a business owner or employee spends working on payroll could […]

The Benefits of Cloud-Connected POS Reporting

Cloud-connected POS is a smart choice for on-the-go business owners who want a more reliable POS system than one that is purely “cloud based.” A cloud-connected POS system, like pcAmerica’s Restaurant Pro Express and Cash Register Express offers you all of the benefits of a cloud-based system—real time reporting anytime, from anywhere—with a few differences. […]

How to Successfully Implement a New POS System

Buying a new POS system can be a long process, which is why some people breathe a sigh of relief when the boxes finally arrive. Although it seems like the hard work is done, you’re not nearly there yet. It’s time to get the system set up and running, so make sure your business is […]

How Operating a Cash-Only Restaurant is Costing You Sales

Cash-only restaurants seem like the perfect plan. Don’t want to accept plastic? We don’t blame you! Cash-only businesses don’t pay card processing fees (which could cost two percent of sales, depending on the processor); they receive payments immediately and face limited risk of card fraud or data breaches. But hang on a second—in theory, cash-only […]