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EMV Liability Shift: Don’t Panic, But Start Planning

“Chip-and-PIN” technology or EMV has been in use in Europe for several years.  Here’s how it works: credit and debit cards have a chip embedded in them and once the card is swiped, users have to enter a pin number to complete a transaction. It’s estimated that this technology has cut down incidents of fraud […]

How can your business avoid a data breach?

Since the Target data breach, we’ve been reading about the other companies who have been victims of breaches, too. Although it’s mainly larger companies making the news, don’t think medium and small businesses are immune. Any business can suffer from a breach and this is not anything you want to make headlines about. And with […]

Use your POS system to maintain compliance

During the holiday shopping season, Target suffered one of the largest security breaches in history, seeing the theft of 40 million accounts and 70 million customer records containing personal information. In the month following, Target’s customer traffic hit the lowest point in three years, according to a March story in USA Today. The company’s sales […]

Protect yourself from eCommerce Fraud

There are so many benefits to eCommerce: a new customer base, 24/7 shopping and the fact that your customers don’t even need to leave their house to get the products they love. Despite all the benefits, retailers need to be aware of the potential for fraud. In 2012, the total U.S. online revenue losses reached […]

Retailers hit by security breaches, POS malware

Over the past few months, there have been a series of attacks on US retailers – most notably Target and Neiman Marcus – that were linked to malware in retail point of sale (POS) systems. Customers expressed extreme concern when Target recently revealed that hackers had stolen 70 million of the retail company’s customer names, mailing […]

More Ways to Work the System (Part Four of a Series)

The first of these features is the option to integrate a security camera and DVR system to record in-store activity. Why is this important? Employee theft—caused by a combination of theft of cash and inventory along with the granting of unwarranted discounts by employees (a practice known as “sweethearting”) is one of the leading causes of retail shrink.

Pumping It Up (Part Two of a Series)

Faster, more efficient processing ranks at the top of the list of benefits to be reaped from deploying an integrated fuel pump and point of sale system. However, it is far from the only benefit—providing that the solution you select has a top-notch reporting component.

pcAmerica Pushes The PCI Compliance Envelope

The most comprehensive end-to-end security solution available today, the IPAD ® SC helps merchants and restaurateurs prevent personal cardholder data breaches, without compromising the speed and convenience of customer transactions. Here’s how:

Bending The Rules

Additionally, under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, passed by Congress in 2010, retailers and restaurant owners can set minimum price levels for the use of credit cards in their establishments. The minimum must be under $10. Why bother? The transaction fees operators pay to process really small purchases—say, below $5—essentially cancel out the profit from the sale.

More Myths

Using PCI-compliant technology at the physical point of sale constitutes PCI compliance by default. While this may be the case, remember that PCI guidelines also require the implementation of measures to ensure the physical security of networks and payment technology as well as the maintenance of written security policies. Although it is critical that terminals and other point of sale hardware be PCI- compliant, compliance as a whole doesn’t stop there.