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North Station Liquors Integrates CRE with LevelUp for Speed, Analytics

Boston-based North Station Liquors is well stocked with more than 200 varieties of beer and a selection of wines and liquors from around the world.

North Station Liquors’ management decided that accepting mobile payments would give them an edge over the competition, so the store, which uses pcAmerca’s Cash Register Express (CRE) point of sale system, began accepting mobile payment and loyalty application LevelUp in June 2012.

The store was issued a portable LevelUp terminal that sat next to its POS station to process mobile wallet transactions. It didn’t take long to complete each transaction, but it was a two-step process that required the cashier to enter data on both the LevelUp and POS terminals.

North Station Liquors wanted a more seamless transaction experience, so it seemed like perfect timing when, this past spring, pcAmerica integrated the LevelUp platform into its software packages. The store jumped at the opportunity to integrate LevelUp with their POS.

Once LevelUp is integrated into the POS, setting up and transacting with the mobile platform is simple. The separate LevelUp terminal is no longer needed–just like any other tender type, LevelUp transactions get logged alongside other credit card and cash transactions, making it easier to balance the register at closing.

The newly integrated system has made a visible difference at North Station Liquors. Employees have been able to shave a few seconds off each transaction time, which helps commuters in a hurry get to their trains with time to spare.

Read our case study about the integration of pcAmerica software and LevelUp at North Station Liquors.

For more information about how your business can integrate LevelUp mobile payments, please call your pcAmerica sales representative at 1-800-722-6374.