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What Retail POS Software to Consider for Your Business

small business owner - choosing retail pos softwareJust as your ability to carry the right merchandise and offer top-notch customer service can make your business, so, too, can your retail point of sale (POS) software. For best results, consider only retail POS software whose features allow it to help:

  • Increase sales. Comprehensive customer loyalty and marketing programs go far toward keeping existing customers and attracting new ones, in turn boosting sales. That’s what makes them an essential piece of any good retail POS software offering. Your retail POS software should also allow you to easily see what’s selling in your store and what’s not. When needed, you can adjust your assortment to suit customer preferences, kicking sales up a notch by ensuring that you have the right items in stock.
  • Decrease order costs. Besides ensuring that your store carries the right product — in the right quantities, at the right time — and making it easier to control shrink, top-notch retail POS software lets you set optimum in-stock levels for each SKU.
    This will help prevent over-spend on inventory orders.
  • Optimize labor usage and staff scheduling. Next to inventory, labor is typically retailers’ biggest expense. The best retail POS system features integrated time clock and labor scheduling functionality. It is configured so employees can’t punch in and out for each other when they arrive late or take an unauthorized break. This component also allows you to base schedules on historical data and other parameters. Consequently, your store won’t be under-staffed (putting you at risk of providing poor customer service) or over-staffed (taking too big of a bite out of your bottom line).
  • Improve customer service. The right retail POS software improves customer service by making it easy for cashiers to handle sales, keeping lines short and minimizing wait time. Look for a solution that is intuitive, allowing cashiers to ring up items by simply scanning bar codes or touching an icon on a touchscreen. Your retail POS software should require just a few touches to complete the payment process, as well as enable gift card and credit/debit card payments to be processed via a quick swipe rather than a complex set of steps. Payment by all tender types — such as debit, electronic benefit transfer (EBT), and check — should ideally be supported for top-notch customer service.

Learn how pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express ™ retail POS solution meets these requirements — and more. Contact a pcAmerica sales representative at 1-800-722-6374 or visit www.pcamerica.com.