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Learn How Retail POS Can Help Your Business

woman pressing button on electronic cash registerThinking of replacing your electronic cash register with a retail POS system? If so, you’re making a move that will definitely benefit your business. If this idea hasn’t crossed your mind lately, there’s no better time than now to consider going the retail POS route. With this technology, you can expect:



  • Enhanced checkout capabilities. A retail POS system paves the way for a faster, less complicated checkout process. Ringing up transactions involves simply scanning the barcode on the merchandise being purchased or, if no barcode is present, touching a corresponding icon on the touchscreen. Unlike an electronic cash register, retail POS technology automatically calculates sale pricing and applicable taxes, displaying them in a real-time running total within easy view of customers. Payment processing is equally quick and easy, involving only the entry of the total amount of cash collected (often using “hot keys” for common dollar amounts), the swiping of credit or debit cards by a magnetic stripe reader, or the insertion of chip-enabled cards into a slot in the payment terminal.
  • Pricing flexibility. With some retail POS, sale, bulk, “mix-and-match,” and time-based pricing can all be preconfigured and calculated automatically. A time-based sale for each item being promoted can be set up, and multiple items can be sold at a discount by programming the pricing and special quantity (e.g., two sweaters for the price of one) into the retail POS system. Using the mix-and-match pricing configuration, bulk quantities of multiple items (e.g., three candy bars for $1) can be offered at a discount, while time-based pricing functionality lets retailers set sale pricing only for certain parts of the day.
  • Ability to “hold” transactions. A retail POS is designed so one transaction can be temporarily suspended (put on hold) while another is processed, then resumed and completed when the latter is finished. This helps to save the sale when, for example, a customer who is in the midst of checking out realizes that she does not have her wallet, but wants to get it and return to the store with it to buy her items, or has forgotten an item on her shopping list and wishes to quickly retrieve it from the shelves before checking out.
  • Gift receipt printing capabilities. Only with retail POS is it possible to quickly generate one receipt for a purchase and, if it is being given as a gift, a second gift receipt for the same purchase, without a price the recipient can see.

A retail POS is one of the best investments you can make in your retail business. To learn more, contact your pcAmerica sales representative.