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Why You Need a Cafeteria POS System

Business colleagues in cafeteria cook serve fresh healthy food mCafeterias are more than we remember from school—it’s not just hairnets and lunch ladies anymore! Most cafeterias are busy, noisy and fast-paced, but they’re also important meeting places in office buildings and bustling with activity in schools and universities. There are even chic cafeteria-style restaurants!

Regardless of what type of cafeteria you own or patronize, you know the lines can be long as cashiers weigh items and type in prices. Believe it or not, those few seconds that a cashier may spend keying in prices or weighing items can add minutes of waiting time if the line is long.

A Cafeteria POS can go a long way to eliminating the waiting and extra work for employees. What does a traditional cafeteria POS setup include?

Touch Screen

  • Eliminates the need to key in prices and cuts down on the number of mistakes which cost time, money and resources
  • Touch screens are easy to learn and use, which makes training a snap

Pole Display

  • Clearly displays prices to customers so they know the total before the employee tells them
  • May be set up to display promotional messaging to customers while they wait on line


  • Integrated scale functionality sends the price directly to the POS with no additional typing necessary
  • Fast, easy operation

The setup may also include a credit card processor, bar code scanner and cash drawer. Additional kitchen printers can also be added if necessary.

A cafeteria POS shaves seconds off each transaction by eliminating typing, time-consuming weighing and laborious corrections if something is entered incorrectly. Seconds per person means minutes cut off of checkout time, which means faster moving lines and more efficient employees.

pcAmerica has been working with cafeterias and cafeteria-style restaurants for years. We’ve put in the research to develop features that monitor inventory levels, employee scheduling and sales figures by the hour, shift, day or month. Employee work schedules can be duplicated week to week, which saves times for owners and managers. The inventory monitoring function will alert you to order more ingredients when the supply runs low, so you’re never out of favorite items.

For more information about cafeteria POS and whether or not it’s right for your operation, please call your pcAmerica sales representative at 1-800-722-6374 or visit www.pcamerica.com.