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How an All-in-One POS can Save Your Business

retail posBusinesses looking for a POS system have several options, including mobile, traditional terminal, tablet and all-in-one. All-in-one (AIO) POS systems can save a business money, time and space. Why should you give an AIO POS system another look? Here’s why:

All-in-one systems are cost effective: We’ve discussed the benefits of purchasing your POS components from the same vendor. It helps avoid the finger-pointing that inevitably happens when something goes wrong and the printer vendor says it’s the software vendor’s fault, and vice versa. When you purchase an AIO system, you’re receiving it from one company which means they are the only ones you’ll call when something goes awry.

Designed to work together: Usually, an all-in-one POS system has several components, including a cash drawer, card reader, touch screen, and receipt printer. We know that it’s important to buy components that are compatible and are suited for the work environment in which they are going to be utilized.

When you purchase an all-in-one POS you know you are receiving components that are all equally rugged and designed for their specific environment. This should help minimize the need for repairs that stem from buying different brands of components piece-meal from different vendors, which is something we never recommend. You can save in the short-term but it’s a gamble in the long run.

Space saver: If you’re short on counter space, an all-in-one POS could be right for you. These systems have a much smaller footprint then a stationary terminal which frees up space for taking orders and ringing up customers. A smaller system in a tight space also helps the work space look and feel less cluttered which makes it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to work in and around.

If you’re considering a point of sale system for your business, consider an all-in-one. Not sure which POS option is right for your business? Call our staff of POS experts at 1-800-722-6374 or visit www.pcamerica.com.