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Four Line Busting Myths Busted!

A mobile solution with line busting capability is a practical, long-term solution that will ensure shorter lines, less waiting, and a more pleasant experience for shoppers, diners and employees. However, some people still have their reservations about mobile POS, so the pcAmerica team wants to address some of these myths head-on to alleviate any concerns you may have.

Myth 1: Credit card and payment information isn’t safe.

Depending on the platform, mobile POS solutions have to comply with the same security standards as traditional POS terminals. The exception to this rule is iPad-based solutions, because the PCI Council hasn’t developed any guidelines for these systems yet.

Myth 2: Mobile checkout is a fad and it isn’t really efficient.

Actually, mobile checkout is an effective tool that allows retail stores to move lines faster. When it’s done properly, mobile POS can help free up floor space dedicated to cash wraps and make more room for new displays and products. People will appreciate shorter waits and will be more likely to return in the future.

Myth 3: Mobile POS systems aren’t as reliable as traditional POS systems.

Mobile technology has advanced since it was first unveiled a few years ago. These days, a feature-rich mobile POS package can perform as many functions as a traditional POS system. Choose your system smartly though, don’t select a software package that will shortchange your technology needs because you want to work with a certain piece of hardware. Select the software first and then see what hardware it works with and go from there.

Myth 4: Mobile POS is expensive and will cost my business money.

Eventually, it may cost your business money to not implement mobile POS. Long lines, especially during peak shopping times or holiday season may cause people to abandon their purchases in store and go somewhere else to find they products they want. People are busy and they don’t want to come to your store and spend extra time waiting on line.

It’s never been more affordable to implement a mobile POS and different companies may offer payment plans, leasing options or a “free” POS with a signed contract with their credit card processor. We say “free” because it’s important to read the small print—after doing the math, you may realize the “free” mobile POS is actually quite costly.

For more information about mobile POS, please contact your account manager at pcAmerica at 1-800-722-6374.