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Bar Codes Move Lines Quickly, Track Inventory Accurately


Bar codes are an easy way to automate a business, track assets, sort documents and manage inventory. Consumers are familiar with bar codes on items they purchase, but what appears to be a random series of lines and spaces is actually a goldmine of information for a store.

People make mistakes all the time–the average person also makes an average of one error for every 20 words typed. If your employees are still inputting prices into a computer or looking up what’s in stock from a manually maintained list, it’s time to think about how bar codes can make things easier.

Bar codes are one of the first steps a business can make towards a faster check out. pcAmerica’s Bar Code Express software comes standard with Cash Register Express™ point of sale Enterprise edition. The Bar Code Express module reads current inventory information from your POS system and prints bar codes on a laser printer or compatible label printers (see list of certified hardware at faq.pcamerica.com). Employees may select different labels or even design their own label.

Once the bar codes have been printed and applied, a bar code scanner and inventory control software help manage and locate inventory. We’ve all waited while employees looked around the stockroom for an item that they thought was in the back, only to be disappointed when we’re told that they would have to order it. Using a bar code, employees can simply look up the information to check if an item is in stock.

Bar codes are “read” by bar code scanners like Honeywell’s Xenon 1900, the company’s sixth-generation of area-imaging technology. The hand-held scanner features a custom image sensor that is optimized for bar code scanning. The area imager has image processing software with advanced editing features and the ability to load and link multiple applications on the scanner. The Xenon 1900 is perfect for high-traffic locations like convenience stores, and is durable enough to withstand harsh environments and chemicals.

Interested in learning more about how implementing a barcode solution can improve the operations of your store? For more information on using barcoding in your business, call your pcAmerica sales representative at 1-800-722-6374 or visit our blog.